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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of our publication…!
We are most grateful to our colleagues, Professors David NDETEI, Fernando LOLAS,
Dr. Mariana Pinto da COSTA and her colleagues for their superb, thought provoking
contributions to this issue……

Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Newsletter Spring/Summer 2019

Career ,Leadership and Mentorship Program.

Welcome to the Winter 2019 issue of our publication…!

Professor David Ndetei and his colleague, Dr Frida Kameti provide an encouraging report about Africa’s science journalists taking an interest in mental health. Prof Fernando Lolas challenges our profession with his innovative concept of Psychiatry’s priority settings as a community of practice. Dr. Mansoor Malik and Dr. Suneeta Kumari introduce us to a rapidly evolving area of research, Microbiota and Depression (an implicit brain/gastrointestinal system feedback loop with interesting correlations to nutrition, fitness, health, and wellbeing)……..

Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Newsletter Winter 2019

Professor Dr. David M Ndetei Visit To Lakeview Ranch

Newspaper Article David Ndetei at Lakeview Ranch

How is mental health being supported in Africa?

One in every eight people live with a mental health disorder, so if that’s not you, it’s likely to be a close friend or family member. Despite there being a variety of known treatments, globally the majority of people suffering do not receive any medical support. To see how the discussion around mental health is playing out across the African continent, CrowdScience visits Nairobi, Kenya. Presenter Marnie Chesterton is joined by a live audience and panel of experts – psychiatrist David Ndetei, psychotherapist Reson Sindiyo and mental health journalist Dannish Odongo – to get to the heart of what’s going on in our heads. They discuss issues from taboo and superstition around mental health, to the treatment methods being used in Kenya that the rest of the world should know about. For more information, click on the link below to follow the live discussion.